Worms for Vermicomposting and Soil Building


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Earthworms are ecosystems managers. An ecosystems manager is an organism that takes a little bit of energy from the ecosystem and provides valuable services for the community of life.  Earthworms provide ecosystem services like aerating the soil, recycling dead organic matter, replenishing and transporting soil nutrients. Most of all they help create humus.

The most valuable workers on my farm are the red worms in my compost pile. They are giving me wealth beyond compare. They change the organic materials in the compost to humus.  Humus is the most valuable substance on Earth.

Humus is a dark colored and fairly stable soil organic matter with known and unknown physical and chemical properties. It is an integral part of the organic matter complex in living soil.  Humus appears to be the product of the microorganisms in living soil, soil that has not been killed by Death-a-cides and petrochemical toxins.

The earth worm’s intestines are a rich ecosystem of bacteria and other microorganism of the soil community of life. They eat the compost organic material and  concentrate the microorganisms and stable organic material and coat it with their slime. This is magical stuff, echy slime, binding the clumps of organic material and clusters of organisms into a crumbly spongy ball, Humus.

Now you can have your very own Humus factory and get the benefits of this remarkable organic substance. We are willing to part with some of our humus workers, red wigglers and share the wealth. Order today and if you are in the kansas City area we’ll arange delivery. If you not in our area we’ll ship them to you for a nominal charge.

In Kansas City Call 816 352-9213 for availibility, questions and delivery options.